In "Transformations" I intended to explore the basic aesthetic elements in and of themselves: the colours, the textures, the lines and the shapes. The creative process was intuitive and asks the viewer to engage in co-creating meaning through their own interpretations with their own emotional and archetypal identifications.   

My creative process is fluid and organic, transforming pre-existing pieces of art in new contexts. I start by painting papers, textiles, found objects. I start with drawings, paintings, texts. Then, I tear them or cut them, transforming the pieces in new compositions, usually without prior plans, changing the work continuously and adding new elements. The resulting art work is intimate and with many layers of meaning, as if they were poetic pieces. For this exhibition I chose to work in small sizes because the pieces were intended as conversations, whispers between friends, and not as dramatic productions of immediate visual impact.

Ancient rock
Sem titulo
Sunset on the beach
The sea also remembers
Vista do miradouro
Where they flock
Untitled in blue
Spiral dreams
Memories of Summer fields
Flying over magic
Sunset on the beach
High Summer
Weather forecast
Voando a Sul pelo Nordeste
Playing with flowers
Radial bird edited
Floating red
On a field of red
Untitled with red
Untitled 3
Sem titulo
In between
Between the bue
A breath of wings
A bird leaves the hand(s)