Welcome to my website! You are a fundamental part of the creative process because, without you, there would be no dialogue between my pieces and your perception, your imagination, your aesthetic gut reactions, and your informed critiques. 

The interaction between my work and the viewer is not a conceptual dialogue, but a symbolic and dreamlike evocation. Whoever sees the pieces projects in them their own images. The narrative is constructed by the one who looks at the work, imbuing in the image their own interpretation with emotional and archetypal identifications. Although this may be less true in "Expressions" which was an exhibition of portraits and therefore of easily identifiable people, all my work values the aesthetic elements in and of themselves: the colours, the textures, the lines, and the shapes. I hope that you may find yourself creating your own narratives in the art pieces I present here.


As you are aware, different screens have different resolutions and display colours differently. Although I endeavoured to present images that are as faithful as possible to the originals, I know that the colours you see may at times differ slightly from the original colours. 

Finally, I would be delighted to answer your messages either through email or in Facebook, so please leave me a line (a point, a shape or a colour).